The best time for cardio?

Will start the articles by just answering the question, there is no best time to do cardio.  Mainly because of schedules and other conflicting factors people tend to get their work outs in when they can.

Morning Cardio

It is believed by many that fasted morning cardio is the best time to get it done, there is a thought process that this will burn the largest number of calories and fat.  Many individuals report feeling more energized and upbeat after doing their cardiovascular workouts in the morning.

Mid Afternoon Cardio

As the problem throughout most of the modern world many people in first and second world economies tend to spend much of their time at a desk or sedentary.  Most individuals do not have the luxury of being able to do mid-day activities of any kind other than their current work.  Taking a break and doing any time of cardio can be very beneficial to overall health.

Late evening Cardio

This is probably the most preferred time of cardio.  This is when most people will be able to get in their cardio session who have hectic family lives in the morning.  Many people feel that later evening cardio isn’t as good as fasted cardio but the research simply shows there is no really different.  Not a single study has been able to show that an specific time of cardio actually being more impact than another.

The moral of the story as that at any time if a good time for cardio.  Simply knowing that you will lose weight based off the number of calories you consume versus the calories you burn makes the answer that simple.  With the advent of technology now it has never been easier to track both calories and exercise excursion.  The preferred tool for many is the Fitbit and the Apple Watch.  They are believed to be the most accurate for the price that they are offered.


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