Simple Guide to Bigger Muscles

Once most gym goers get the bug in them the muscle bug that is they can’t stop.  They become infatuated with growing muscles to the next size and the next level of strength.  To a new gym junkie this can be somewhat of a dense task so to speak as it’s not easy at all.  There are so many aspects and nuances that go into fitness something as simple as muscle growth well is not that simple.  There are however some general rules and guidelines that can assist someone in attaining these goals.

The first guideline to everyone in the gym is to have some form or record keeping of progress.  In its most simple form if you are not tracking a set of data how can you measure said data and then improve on this data, you can’t.  Tracking the amount of weight, reps, sets and lifts is a good start to this process.  There are now, with technology tons of apps that you can use to fill this function and need.  Ideally someone will use these apps or a good ole pen and paper to begin pushing themselves to the next weight and rep range.  If you are constantly doing the same thing over and over you should not expect to be getting better.  If you are doing the same things over and over but beginning the process of modification in each instance you will begin progress towards your goals.

Next in the journey will be the idea of overloading to failure in your lifting.  In order to progress the size of muscles you must begin to stress the muscles.  Failing in lifting from weight ranges 5-15 is a good general rule of thumb.  The idea is that as you fail more towards the 5-rep range you work towards getting to 15 reps working on strength and as you fail more towards the 15 rep range you begin to add more weight.  This process in its simplest form will begin to trigger the muscle growth process.  A muscle that is bigger is a muscle that is stronger.

Eating enough protein generally isn’t an issue for many people however eating quality foods is.  Tailoring your diet into more lean proteins and simple carbohydrates will help accelerator the growth of these muscles.  Also, this will assist in fat lose which will give the appearance of larger muscles in the process.  Being leaner will always make someone look bigger it’s just bro science.

If you follow these simple steps you will begin to see changes in the body that will have you rushing back to the gym for another session.  It is no wonder that many people begin to become addicted to the gym lift style.



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