Mind Muscle Connection

Mind Muscle Connection: There is a term floating around the almost always over complicated supplement industry.  This would be the mind muscle connection; you can almost assume at what it is.  The idea is pretty simple and straight forward, the mind muscle connection is one’s ability to control the body through the mind.  In more complex terms it is someone’s ability to send singles around the body telling it to make specific movements.  Basically, your brain is in the driver’s seat of your body and it uses the nerves as pathways to move it about in space.

The ability for the body to move well in space is all based off of this concept, but this concept is generally learned over time and is sharpened through a specific body of work.  This however proves a case that there is a far greater mental aspect to training than was previously thought by many individuals.  This is very apparent at the highest levels of sports such as body building where a competitor will have to be in peak shape mentally to move a massive frame with such precise motion and poses that are demanded of the sport.

The mind muscle connection can also be affected by substances as well, for both good and bad.  Look at how alcohol effects reactions speed of drivers and basically any motor function.  This would be a negative effect on this while something like stimulants would be a net positive effect.  The stimulant known as caffeine is one of the most widely use substance to improve this system.

We will be covering ways in the next article to improve this mind muscle mechanism in the body.  Once you begin to understand how the body works and what can be done to improve things at the basest level, an individual can expect to see greater things happen as far as progress.  If you can improve the overall skeleton locomotion of the body with its muscles, you will only be doing yourself a great service for the future. Read more about Mind Muscle Connection.


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