How to grow bigger muscles

There are fewer things in life that can boost an ego or turn a frown upside down like the idea of having bigger muscles.  Through the ages this has been seen as a sign of dominance or an alpha status.  So, it makes sense that almost everyone has the same goal when they wall through those gym doors and that is to get jack, gains, yoked, swole, insert euphemism here.

So how does someone begin the process of gaining more muscle? There are a few key components at the macro level to increasing the sizes of one’s muscles.

The first and most basic concept will be to start lifting weights.  This is a novel concept but this will be the building block by which you will start to garner the improvements you seek.  As you being the weight lifting journey there are a few key aspects that you must take into account that will greatly assist you in your process.  Getting stronger should be the most basic and simple idea behind this.  If you are getting stronger then you are getting bigger and that is a direct correlation.  The best way to get stronger is to start adding more weight to each and every set you are doing.  Over time this method will begin to add up and pay dues.  Doing compound lifts that include the barbell is a great way to accomplish this goal.  Also increasing the frequency of lifts will greatly increase the rate at which they grow.

Nutrition will probably be the single biggest part of growing bigger.  Contrary to the generally publics belief simply liftings weights is not nearly as import as the diet that is used.  You need to be eating more protein and carbohydrate rich foods in order for your muscles to recover and grow, if these are in short supply you will have shorts falls in the gains depart.

The last aspect of the trio is the idea of consistency and being real with one’s self.  If you are not consistently striving to get better on a daily basis then more than likely you will remain the same.  The other aspect is having realistic expectations in order to achieve these goals.  Many celebrities and top-level athletes are not ideal to model after and you should focus on improving yourself overall.

Knowing these three macro areas you can begin your journey of getting bigger muscles.


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