Flexibility Matters

Stretching though boring has a major place in everyone’s daily routine and overall health.  Many people of younger and older generations do not realize that mobility is directly correlated with over health and independence.  Losing one’s independence can cause many mental health issues such as depression not to mention physical issues.  Many people suffer from pain that is directly related from mobility issues.

Keeping muscles in the body flexible will help maintain a range of motion that we need in order to keep the joints mobile.  Not keeping proper range of motion leads directly to joint pain and possible muscle damage.  Many people do not realize that even daily activity such as sitting or standing all day can put strains in different areas of the body by making them over tight.  These tight areas will begin to lead to injury and will fail when they are needed in a situation.

The question for most people isn’t should they start but how do they start?  What is the best way to begin stretching or how do you even do it?  Since most people associate stretching with activity or athletic events it is not very surprising they do not do it on its own.  There are many guides on the internet to stretch but there really is no bad place to start.  You can do anything from the simplest stretches to the most complex yoga.  The idea is that you get started and get going.  YouTube has become a great avenue for many people to start and you can always see your local physical therapist if you want true professional help!




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