3 Tips for a Bigger Chest in 30 Days

3 Tips for a Bigger Chest
3 Tips for a Bigger Chest ASAP

3 Tips for a Bigger Chest in 30 Days

I think my chest is too big, said no-one ever. If you are finding it difficult to gain some extra size, then try these three tips to get a bigger chest in 30 days. However, before you start, please understand that these three tips are meant to help your chest get bigger, not stronger. Yes, you can get stronger using these tips, but strength is not the main objective here. To maximize your muscle growth, you need to train differently than you would if you were only trying to get stronger. For strength, you target your nervous system. For size, you target the muscle tissue.

Pre-Exhaust Your Chest Muscles

The problem with some of the best exercises for your chest, like the bench press, is that they train much more than just your chest muscles. In fact, you will be training your back, shoulders, arms, and even forearms. You can see that while the bench press is an awesome exercise, it doesn’t isolate your chest muscles. So, how do you fix the problem? You pre-exhaust your chest muscles with some isolation exercises.

For example, complete three sets of cable or dumbbell chest flys before you bench. Your chest muscles are very large, and most of the time, they don’t get worked to exhaustion with the bench press. Your triceps tend to give out before your chest. With pre-exhaustion movement, your chest muscles are already worked, so it takes less stimulation from the bench press for them to reach muscle failure, and ultimately maximum muscle growth.

Superset Your Chest Workouts

Here is another great tip to get your chest to start growing again. A superset is when you perform one set of an exercise and when finished, you immediately start another exercise that targets that muscle group. You don’t rest until both sets are finished.

Most people start with a compound movement, and then superset it with an isolation exercise. For example, with your chest, do a set of bench presses and then immediately complete a set of cable or dumbbell flys. Supersets allow the targeted muscle to get extra stimulation, and ultimately reach muscle failure faster.

Prioritize Your Chest

This tip seems self-explanatory. If you put your chest first, it will grow. The best way to prioritize your chest is to work it out first thing in the week when you are fully recovered, and rested the most. You can also add a second chest day to your routine. But first, a word of caution.

If you decide to add an extra chest day to your routine, then you must subtract some exercises from your other body groups. If not, you will increase the chance of overtraining, and not making any gains at all. If you add four chest exercises a week, then you need to subtract four exercises from your other muscle groups.

Try these tips out for 30 days, and I guarantee you will see some explosive new chest growth.


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