To Spectate or Not To Spectate that is the Arnold Fitness Expo

Arnold Classic Canceled – So, it’s not exactly surprise news at this point, the Arnold Fitness Expo has been postponed and its been all over the social media and fitness new channels for the past few days. The main reason is that with such a large and internationally acclaimed event, the Arnold Fitness Expo is ripe for the potential onset of a Corona Virus outbreak and or at least spreading of the disease. With reports now in from Seattle to New York City with confirmed cases it would only be logical to see that flying in 80,000 people in and out of Columbus, Ohio from all over the world could be bad news for containment.

While the Corona Virus is not as lethal as news media makes it to be, containment is the best option to avoid exposing those with weakened immune systems to the virus, which takes advantage of that vulnerability in say senior citizens, those already sick, and those who are immunocompromised already. Also, avoiding overfilling of hospitals and or quarantines that we are seeing in some other areas/countries.

On a positive note the competitor events will still take place for the larger competitions like Strongman comps, Bodybuilding Events, and some other sports that are the usual go to’s at the Arnold. They will also be letting some spectators into these events, but it may be just close family and friends of the competitors. As of writing this article it was being discussed between Event Organizers and the Officials of Columbus, Ohio as to what extent spectators will be allowed.

Obviously, Arnold Schwarzenegger is vocal allowing as much of the even to proceed as possible, but is mindful of the risks, and suggests that the Expo portion will be held at some point to make up for the cancelled event (TBD).

The news of the cancelled expo was short notice with many already flying into the city for set up and spending thousands of dollars in prep, travel, and hotels. Keep posted to your favorite companies that you missed as a lot of them are hosting local events near their HQ and or doing online sales to compensate for the sad news.


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