Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Beverage

Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite Beverage and it’s Arnold Classic Launch – Dan Bilzerian has been on a tear with the Ignite brand. Starting off with Ignite Cannabis that caters to the legal MJ and CBD markets hit its multi-million dollar nut in the first 6 months. The Ignite brand has moved over to vodka, alkaline water, and now a ZRO energy drink which is ZRO cals not ZRO energy, of course….

Big plans are its release at the Arnold Sports Festival and so far a few of the ingredients have been shared in preview of what is to come and to garner some hype for the event. If we know Dan B. he is likely going to go ham on his booth and promotions. Expect parties, social media events, and likely him with at least 12 bikini clad women in some form of beach setting.

This is definitely going after the BANG style market of energy, and when you consider Cellucor rebranding C4 as C4Energy….well we know there is some major money to be made in the straight up energy RTD market.

The hinted at ingredients are going to be 220mg of caffeine as anhydrous and then an additional amount of guayusa extract known as AMATEA (50-150mg TBD). For focus and cognition, he is dropping 300mg of L-Tyrosine and 250mg of Alpha-GPC (likely 50% active). So, this is a straight up rival for say C4 Smart Energy, G-Fuel, and then we definitely can start comparing energy levels with BANG, Rockstar, Monster, etc…

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