Arnold Sports Festival to Host “Arnold CBD Experience”

Arnold Sports Festival to Host “Arnold CBD Experience” – Promoter and CBD for Health and Wellness Retailers, CBD Today has teamed up with the Arnold Sports Festival to bring about an educational and experiential event that is all about that good good hemp extract we know as CBD. Now while CBD is the second most well know derivative of Hemp (1st being it’s still federally illegal THC) it’s the only truly legal option as it comes from industrial hemp. Guaranteed to have less than .03% THC and or none at all in some extracts, its been the hottest commodity in the market as its looking to reach $2 billion dollars over the next 4-5 years in sales.

CBD has been touted as a miracle drug that cures everything from Cancer to Male Pattern Baldness, and while it does have some solid research its relatively young within its place in the natural health and fitness industries. While many children and parents use it to ward off seizures medically its now being promoted as a pain reliever, anti-ager, and sleep inducer.

Luckily, at this even all the top promoters, educators, and manufacturers of CBD products will be attending and offering their products, information, and hopefully free samples to the lucky goers in Columbus during the Arnold Fitness Expo.

The Arnold takes place in Columbus, Ohio from March 5-8, and will host hundreds of events that are sport specific and also a giant expo that will host both he CBD experience as well as 1000’s of fitness and wellness companies.

For more on the Arnold Classic visit their official website by clicking here.

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