Arnold Classic IFBB Competitors Schedule 2020

Arnold Classic IFBB Competitors Schedule 2020 – While there are at least like 200 different events going on at the Arnold Sports Festival, from literally Men’s 50+ Pickle Ball to A Judged Body Painting Competition, we all know that we are there for the Arnold Classic Men’s IFBB Bodybuilding show! Well, that and the free samples, booth girls, and maybe to watch a few of the physique guys so we can claim we at least lift legs! Amirite?

This year is a loaded set of competitors with 1st time US Arnold Competitors, previous winners, and some legends like Victor Martinez on the prowl as they look to set the stage and become challengers to the reigning Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry later in the year in Vegas.

With Dexter Jackson looking to retire soon he is doubling up with both the Arnold and Olympia this year and looking to make that statement. Many thought he would pass on the Arnold, but the man with 29 IFBB wins is not slowing down for anyone.

First timer for the US Arnold, Big Ramy has tamed his waistline and has been looking HUGE and conditioned, definitely wanting a piece of that action so look for them both in the call outs early.

There will be live streaming of the Arnold online and in case you didn’t know the pre-judging takes place in the daytime 3/7 at 12pm Central while the posing routines and finals hit off around 7pm at the Columbus Convention Center – Batelle Grand.

Below is a list of competitors at current and the past winners from the last few years.


Arnold Classic IFBB Competitors

  • Morgan Aste
  • Lionel Beyeke
  • William Bonac (Former Winner)
  • Maxx Charles
  • Nathan De Asha
  • Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay (1st Arnold US)
  • Dexter Jackson (Former Winner)
  • Johnnie Jackson
  • Steve Kuclo
  • Josh Lenartowicz
  • Victor Martinez
  • Cedric McMillan
  • Patrick Moore (1st Arnold US)
  • Sergio Oliva Jr. (1st Arnold US)
  • Akim Williams

Past Winners:

2015: Dexter Jackson (also 2005, 2006, 2008, 2013)

2016: Kai Greene

2017: Cedric McMillan

2018: William Bonac

2019: Brandon Curry

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