Arnold Classic 2020 – Classic Physique Results

Arnold Classic 2020 – Classic Physique Results

With the 3rd year of the Classic Physique competition at the Arnold Classic there was a real showing up evolution for the competitors with anyone showing up at anytime for a big win. There are a few strong standouts in the crowd, but this time around Alex Cambronero brought the full package in the posing, proportions, and symmetry needed to walk home with the 1st place trophy. That classic vacuum pose is just a silver bullet for the Classic Physique judges.

In call outs Steve Laureus was first up and center looking like he had the goods to take the top 3 down, but with a switch out of Alex Cambronero for middle position it was a shock to see him pressed down to what seemed to be 3rd position if we take the usual patterns of switch outs and call outs into consideration.

Terrence Ruffin and Alex Cambronero were lined up next to each other in a duo for first and with a razor thin decision judges opted to let Terrence slide to 2nd this time around. With such a new division and with such talent in the mix its going to be like this for a few years in Classic Physique. One thing is for sure though, at the Olympia all bets are off as to who is going to take it, because these hungry fellows are going to be there with a vengeance, and everyone knows the changes they need to make and has the time to make them with at least 6 months of training and prep before the battle for the true championship.

Arnold Classic 2020 Classic Physique Results

  • Alex Cambronero
  • Terrence Ruffin
  • Steve Laureus
  • Abner Logan
  • Rickey Moten
  • Santiago Aragon

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