Working Out from Home – Tips 101 – Part 2

A few more tips and obvious things you can do while stuck at home and or choosing to try to build up your own arsenal of body assault weaponry. There is definitely plenty of options out there to get shredded and even a little yoked while working out from home without a full gym and or isolation machines. If you already have a solid foundation you can easily maintain gains and learn how to flex and pump up with our your sweat ridden favorite bench at the ol’ meathead factory.
Adjustable Weights are Clutch
• With a lot of home dumbbell options now on the market the kind that are adjustable seem to be the best option. Sure you can screw and unscrew collars and weights, but that old school and takes too much time. Nordic Track and Power Blocks are well known options and many exercise equip depots have them to check out. You can even get adjustable kettle bells these days. Overall, having a set of those a bench and a place to stash them could be the different of 20 inch biceps are a 40 inch waistline.
The Sun Wont Kill You
• So, as long as you are super white and pale you likely as a human can handle a little sunlight. You could even maybe go outside for a little cardio in a run, HIIT session, and or find a park all those green metal bar contraception. If school is out you can even take over the playground BULLY style and monkey bar your way to ripped forearms. Overall, outside is good for the soul and your vitamin D levels, which is good for your Testosterone …so end of day that means more muscle and a better libido
Get Dressed and in the Zone for a Killer Workout
• Just because you are home doesn’t mean you should have your ritual. Get your preworkout ready, throw on your favorite T-shirts with ripped off arms and or headband from your college football days and get in the zone. Throw on that good good music and get your head mind right for the thrashing of a lifetime in your own living room, garage, and or backyard. Workouts are as much mental as they are physical so take advantage of that. There may be no hotties checking you out as your deadlift 2x your bodyweight in your garage….but they probably weren’t checking you out at the gym either so YOLO!


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