Working Out from Home – Tips 101 – Part 1

So, maybe it’s a quarantine threat level dragon or a weather advisory that is keeping you stuck at your place for a duration of time. Maybe the gym is getting a remodel and or changed its hours on the weekends and screwed up your splits. Regardless, there is no reason you cant grind it out at home for at least a maintenance session. Here are a few tips that may help.

Bands Will Make Em’ Flex
• Bands are an awesome way to get in a solid pump, pre-hab, and or even do some mobility and or stretching. There are even ways to mount them to walls, doors, and use them creative wrapped around your body or under your feet to get in a solid workout. Once you are free to hit the gym again bring them to add resistance and change the force of lifts like dumbbell presses, bench presses, squats and or deads.
• Even though hip and leg bands for the booty builder workouts can come in handy. Every needs some glute strength and adductors are often some of the weakest muscles in the legs. We all see that shaky leg squatter over there with the caved in knees. You can also use them to warm up the arms and shoulders with some creatity and it’s a great workout after a day of desk time, even side stepping around an apartment for 10 mins with them on.
Kettlebell Circuits
• There are not many tools in the gym that can force you into pure exhaustion and get you fit like a kettlebell. You can literally stand in one spot for 10-15 mins and crush an epic workout. Even with a HIIT like circuit or just a straight up blast of reps and lifts for say 7-8 mins can get you there with a kettlebell. Make sure to watch some Pavel Tsatsouline video on YouTube to get your form right, before jumping into deep waters.
Yoga Mats are not just for Yoga
• Its great to take a few yoga mats and lay them out in your workout area. It helps keep the area from sweating up too much and makes a great place to stretch or do floor work without getting your carpet jacked up and or woodfloors dinged if you are using light weights. Also, yoga isn’t a half bad idea on active rest days and you can follow along on your TV and you find your Namaste all day. ½” rubber interlocking mats are prob best, but hey we work with what we got and what we can steal from our girlfriends/wives closet.


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