What is HMB?

What is HMB: HMB has become a pretty popular dietary supplement being pushed for its ability to support muscle building and preventing muscle loss.  Hydroxymethylbutyrate is the chemical name for this substance that is a product of the body breaking down the amino acid leucine, which is a portion of protein.  Through many of its properties it has become an ergogenic aid in the bodybuilding community and amongst strength and power athletes.

What is HMB is used in the body to help protect and repair damaged muscle tissue.  The idea behind it is that it helps increase the protein synthesis in the body while also slowing down the breakdown of muscle proteins.  Ultimately this will help muscle cells stay healthier and be replaced and rebuilt faster is the long run.  This ingredient is possibly the second most research substance to creatine.

Taking HMB will support an increase in strength gains when resistance training is present.  It will also support an improvement in endurance related performance.  HMB reduces the time is takes to recover between training sessions allowing an individual to train sooner which will lead to improvements in performance.  HMB has also been shown to have health benefits such as a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

You can see why with the information presented why this ingredient has started to become popular with sport supplements and dietary supplementation.   This ingredient is one of the few ingredients that has been given the go ahead by the International Society of Sports Nutrition.  Under a study done in 2000, 128 men and women took HMB and it was found that this ingredient was 100% safe with no side effects.  HMB is very expensive to make thus there are not many products on the market with it and often many of them products are spiked.  Make sure you get your What is HMB from a trusted source and then be ready to enjoy the benefits.


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