What is a quality Supplement?

What is a quality Supplement: With so much in the market in the way of sports and dietary product and brand selections many individuals ask themselves what is a quality dietary supplement and how do you find one?  Often this is a loaded question as the answer is who actually even knows.  The idea of a quality supplement starts with the end user.  Any supplement can be deemed not quality if the product in question does not benefit the end user in what they are trying to accomplish.

The idea of quality starts with the manufacturing process.  All dietary supplements must follow what is known as the DHSEA laws which stands for Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.  These are the rules set in place to determine what is and what isn’t a dietary ingredient.  After that the manufacturer must follow all the rules set fourth by the Food and Drug Administration for manufacturing said supplements.  This includes certificates of analysis for purity of ingredients and microbial checks.  What is a quality Supplement Third on this list is the labeling practices of the vender, there has been in the past an unhealthy practice of labeling products in a manner that doesn’t fit what is in it thus not meeting label claims.  This is known as spiking in the industry and these products are deemed adulterated under the laws.

If all of these are followed and the product meets label claims, then the idea of quality lies in with the end user.  If you know what is in the product and you know what you need to accomplish your goals, then quality is just that and you can make your selection.  You will have a quality supplement that will support what you are trying to do.  If the brand has reputable products and you have an understanding of what you are looking for then you will be able to find quality supplements.  With so much competition in the industry now there has never been a better time to find quality products by almost ever brand out there. What is a quality Supplement


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