VPX Bang Enhances the Caffeine Free Version with EAAs

It was a surprise to many when Bang offered up a keto coffee option, but not too far out of the way of the stim game and trending market for keto coffee. The next surprise move was the caffeine free options for the traditional Bang options. Making it really a stim free BCAA type (w/Beta Alanine) product with Super Creatine itself not really offering enough of a dose to be considered a true ergogenic, but a nice touch at the least.

After a long list of flavors being release in stim free:

Flavors (stim free)

  • Birthday Cake Bash *New Formula*
  • Black Cherry Vanilla
  • Cherry Blade Lemonade
  • Cotton Candy
  • Miami Cola *New Formula*
  • Purple Guava Pear
  • Sour Heads®

VPX has now updated the stim free formula in the two newest releases, likely with others to follow suit as the market plays catch up. This update comes in the form of upgrading the BCAA blend of just Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine to the full 9 essential amino acids (which of course includes the BCAAs).

What this does is make VPX BANG stim free even more anabolic and beneficial for recovery than its predecessors. It may not have that stim kick, but now you could potentially drink one while relaxing at home for a Netflix and Chill, on the way home from the gym and or work later in the evening, and or bring a few to a party where you are not going to do the alcohol thing ( or if you are drinking make a mix drink out of it!)



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