Top Bodybuilders of the 90s: Paul Dillett

Paul Dillett: When freakish size and vascularity are the topics of conversation, one name springs to mind- Paul Dillett.  A staple in 90’s bodybuilding, Dillett possessed some of the most memorably bizarre, piles-of-worms-under-his-skin vascularity ever seen on a bodybuilder, and he draped that over a gigantic, 6’2” 285 pound frame.  Were it not for his breathtakingly bad posing, Dillett might be remembered as one of the greatest of all time, but in real life, where posing matters, Dillett has been relegated to a mere footnote in the history of 1990’s bodybuilding.


After a brief stint in the Canadian Football League, Paul Dillett realized his real passion lay in lifting rather than football, and turned his eye to the bodybuilding stage.  An absolute mass monster from the outset of his career, Dillett took second in his first show, which was none other than the pro-qualifying NPC North American Championships.  Winning his second attempt at that title a year later, Dillett commence his assault on the Olympia crown.  Over the course of the next 10 years, Dillett competed a preposterous forty times, only placing outside of the top six three times.  Though he only won three shows in his illustrious career, Dillett’s massive shadow cast over the rest of the field from the podium no fewer than fifteen times, and his conditioning set the standard for the big men in the IFBB for years to come.


Perhaps even more impressive than Dillett in-season was Dillett off-season, as he managed to retain his ridiculous, comic-book-character-esque shoulder-to-waist ratio and his abs while ballooning up to a massive 320lbs.  When Dillett guest posed, the man looked like he was an inflatable version of the Hulk, making him the darling of bodybuilding magazines who were desperate to see him bring that insanely larger-than-life size to the stage.  As it stands, Paul Dillett will simply be remembered as the man to invoke as a lesson on what not to do, because his godawful posing kept a man whose arms appeared to be the same size as his waist from taking bodybuilding’s crown.



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