Top Bodybuilders of the 90s: Gunter Schlierkamp

It’s entirely possible that you think you’ve no idea who Gunter Schlierkamp is, but unless you’ve not watched a movie for the last 10 years, that’s likely untrue.  Remember the huge German guy in Broken Lizard’s Beerfest?  That was “The Gentle Giant” Gunter Schlierkamp.  Though his career didn’t progress much beyond that, Gunter might be the most successful bodybuilder-turned-actor since Arnold, simply for that role.


Gunter Schlierkamp was born in Germany in 1970 and turned pro at 23 at the IFBB World Amateur Championships.  Schlierkamp wasted no time beginning his professional career, and heaved his bulk onstage the following year, taking 19th in his first Olympia.  Over the course of the next twelve years, Gunter honed his massive physique and gradually improved his placings, ending up with three top five finishes.


Though he only won a single pro show, Gunter’s massive size drew the attention of the crowd and the respect of his fellow competitors- at 6’2, he tipped the scales at 300 pounds onstage and 330 in the off-season.  In that show, Gunter managed to defeat the winningest Mr. Olympia of all time, Ronnie Coleman, which shocked the bodybuilding world to its very foundations.  Tragically, he was unable to repeat that feat, but that single shining mark completely validated his otherwise lackluster career.


Since he retired in 2006, Gunter Schlierkamp has turned to acting, training clients, and working as a public speaker.  Though he no longer rocks striated glutes, Gunter is still in phenomenal shape and seemingly has none of the health problems that plagued similarly huge men of his day. And although it seems pretty cheesy to say, that is likely his greatest achievement of all, even beyond beating the legendary Ronnie Coleman- he is living proof that even a ridiculous a mass monster can live a long and healthy life if he attacks life in the proper way.


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