Top Bodybuilders of the 90s: Aaron Baker

Top Bodybuilders of the 90s: Though many people are unaware of this fact, there was in fact a Kai Greene before Kai Greene, a jerry-curl-sporting living Hulk named Aaron Baker.  At 5’8” and 245lbs, Baker would not have been outsized by the bodybuilders of today and was an absolute mass monster in the 90s.  Not only was his 1990’s physique comparable to that of Greene’s (though Greene at the time competed at 165 pounds), but his artistic skills were as well, and his unofficial nickname during his competitive years was Batman.

Top Bodybuilders of the 90s: Like Greene, Baker fell afoul of the opinions of the judges, having jumped ship to compete in the nascent WBF when Vince McMahan tried to bring his marketing skills from the world of wrestling into the world of bodybuilding.  And just like the other bodybuilders who defied the Weiders and competed in the WBF, Baker found himself low in the placings upon his return to the Weider fold.

Top Bodybuilders of the 90s: Embittered by his low placings, Baker popped in and out of competitive bodybuilding over the years.  After brief appearances in the hilariously bad sequels Sister Act 2 and Predator 2, Baker managed top five placings at the Ironman Pro four times, but never won a professional show.  His preternatural upper body often overshadowed his far more average lower body and his conditioning was often an issue, which left him truly at the judges’ mercy when it came to handing out placings, and like the other WBF competitors, Baker found that little mercy was shown to him.

Though he never tasted professional victory on the bodybuilding stage, Baker will always be remembered as one of the more colorful bodybuilders of the 90s.  Looking every bit like a hyper-jacked Billy Dee Williams (complete with jerry curls) and boasting enough nerd chops to pose in a Batman cowl and cape, Aaron Baker is certainly among those bodybuilders who couldn’t (and shouldn’t) be forgotten.


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