Top Bodybuilders of the 90s- Aaron Baker

The most popular bodybuilders on the planet are often not considered to be the best in the sport, but they have some appeal outside of their placings.  Aaron Baker (b. 1960) was one such bodybuilder- though he was neither the biggest bodybuilder onstage nor the most detailed, he had unbelievably full muscle bellies and shape, which combined with the fact that he looked like a jacked Billy Dee Williams and drew comics led to his adoption of the nickname “Dark Angel” after his own comic character and “Batman”, his favorite character.


Baker did guest posing routines as Batman, posed as the Dark Angel during WBF shows, and played up his geek card in the same way Kai Greene did a decade later.  This landed him a number of small movie roles in films like Sister Act 2, Predator 2, and a role in the Andrew Dice Clay film Whatever It Takes.  He was featured in every magazine that featured bodybuilders, simply because he was interesting.


At 5’8” and 245 pounds, Baker would be outsized in a modern lineup, but his arms and pecs made for amazing workout shoots and magazine shoots.  In competition, he did passably enough to stay in the conversation without making any real headway- his placings in the Olympia never put him on the podium in the Olympia, and he only made the finals in the Ironman Pro, taking second and third multiple times.


After retiring, Baker continued to train into his 60s, though seems to have put aside training for religious pursuits in the last couple of years.  It is unfortunate he competed in the era he did, as his knack for showmanship and geek cred would have made him Insta-famous and likely far more well compensated than his bodybuilding career did in the 90s.


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