ThermoLife Creatine Nitrate

ThermoLife Creatine Nitrate: The supplement world does not see much in the way of innovation but there is one group who seems to be full steam ahead with a specific set of products known as nitrates.  The company, ThermoLife, holds a large number of patents in the nitrate game and this one here all but locks up the use of nitrates for the company.  If you are unfamiliar with the subject matter ThermoLife holds almost all of the patents on nitrates that are used in the dietary world, a total of 23 US Patents with more than 450 claims related to amino acids and nitrate compounds.  The number is almost always increasing as the company seems to have an almost endless supply of patents under review.

The three new patents will allow the company to host 160 more claims for amino acid nitrate compounds, creatine nitrate being one of them, which will bring the staggering nitrate portfolio to somewhere around 700 or so claims at the time and counting.  These new patents will make imminent that any product with creatine nitrate and what is deemed a carrier will infringe on at least one of the claims in the list.  In simple terms these newly approved claims will legally give ThermoLife coverage for any use of creatine nitrate in dietary supplements, this puts an almost monopoly on anything that would unauthorized or unlicensed making ThermoLife Creatine Nitrate the leader is this category.

With all of the other claims in the pipeline ThermoLife Creatine Nitrate is clearly king of the nitrates and if anybody should want to use them it would be wise to contact the company and go the direct route.  With the rise in popularity of the compounds you can assume you will be seeing a lot more of these on the market from all different types of companies.


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