The Gamer Dedicated Energy and Nootropic Market 101

Over the last decade Gamer Dedicated Energy has become something much larger than just a hobby or secondary activity in life. Its has become the host to a world of eSports that have tournaments rewarding millions of dollars in prize money. There are now leagues that have multi match seasons and championships and fill stadiums with 25,000+ fans for games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and DOTA 2.

With the invent of Twitch and streaming becoming a phenom as well, allowing people to make a living streaming their gaming skills, IRL actions, or showing off their artistic body painting skills it was only a matter of time that some form of energy drink or nutritional booster would come to light within this category. At first it was your standard Red Bull and Monster type drinks. Throw in the NOS energy and maybe some Rockstar drinks. Slowly and surely though Gamer Dedicated Energy..

GFUEL emerged as the category leader in what was now considered a gamer-centric product. Literally touted as the secret answer to games like FortNite it was the first lifestyle gaming energy drink dedicated to that of gamers ( even though it was technically a preworkout many moons ago.) They captured star streamers like Dr Disprespect and Pewdiepie and eSport champs like FazeClan and Tfue, etc..

Following along those lines came other gamer lifestyle type brands. You had Sneak one of the more iconic brands with their gnarly looking Rabbit Icon and Liquid Luck with their Crazy Cat named Headshot. The movement towards a gaming centered energy category didn’t stop there. Mountain Dew came out with their Gaming Fuel product line in mass market and GFuel has released their RTD version that rivals the non-gaming energy brands like Raze, Bang, and Monster on a caffeine mg for mg level.

There has even been one PC hardware and gaming company who released a packeted energy blend called Respawn. The brand Razor was the first to capitalize on the gamer market outside of their keyboards, laptops, and mouse products.

So, where will gaming energy see itself in a few years? Who knows it may be as simple as walking into a convenience store to grab a gaming centered drink for the gaming session at your friends, or a simple click from a pop up on your favorite streamers channel. Only time will tell. In the mean time use search function to checkout the mentioned brands as we will have product reviews and overviews available. See if one of these products or brands could lead you to your next high score or overnight streaming success! Read more about Gamer Dedicated Energy.


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