The future of supplements

The future of supplements: In an industry that seems to be exploding many individuals are wondering what the actual path of the supplement industry in terms of the future or where in the world is the industry going.  The legs that nutritional and dietary supplement have sprouted and thus grown are now in a full out sprint.  The industry is taking on new areas almost daily and product categories are expending at an all-time high reaching just about any and everything possible.  Any and everything has almost been considered as possible products through the simple process of capitalism and the use of supply and demand.  The industry just won’t seem to stop growing and really nothing seems like it can stand in its way.

So where is the industry actually going? The future of supplements?  Well the answer is the same as above, simply everywhere, the industry is expending into every facet of life where-by an individual would need supplementation.  The industry is taking over new barriers everyday such as one like CBD and the rules and regulations associated with it.  Just as the Food and Drug Administration removes “ingredients” from the market there are probably 3-4 new ones that hit the market either through the NDI process or through just sheer will and disregard of the regulations.

It seems that the industry is growing in all directions with little to no signs of stopping in any of these.  Even in the “grey area” categories you are seeing an all-out explosion of all types of products like SARMs, which seems to have no sign of dying off.  I think it is safe to say that even with the bad there is more good to come of the development of the dietary industry.  If you have any thoughts we would love to hear them in the comments sections regarding what you think about the industry. Read more about The future of supplements.


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