Sweet Sweat Topical Workout Enhancer – Product Overview

Sweet Sweat Topical Workout: If you are looking for interesting ways to take your fat burning and or cardio performance to the next level then you might want to check out Sweet Sweat. This is a topical product that enhances bloodflow and circulation to the areas it is applied to and designed to assist with hard to reduce areas of water and or fat deposits.

It can also be used to increase bodyheat or skin temp to specific areas for warm up and or potentially sore and recovering muscle groups. So whether it is HIIT, Cardio, or an intensive weight session you can use Sweet Sweat to take things up a notch wherever it is needed.

They also sell an optional waist wrap that can intensify Sweet Sweat’s effects on the torso if you are looking to burn some unwanted waistline real estate. It could be especially beneficial during the New Year Resolution, Fat loss, or Detox type scenarios.

Sweet Sweat Topical Workout Price $44.99

Other Ingredients:

  • White Snow Petrolatum, Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Acai Pulp Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Virgin Camelina Oil, Squalane Oil (Olive), Aloe Vera Extract, d-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Fragrance

Sweet Sweat Topical Workout Suggested Use:

  • Before exercise, apply an ample amount of Sweet Sweat® topical gel to the skin coating all desired areas without rubbing in. Sweet Sweat® is activated by your elevated heart rate and works best during cardio, circuit and high intensity interval training. Removal: After exercise and the normal “cool down” period, towel off Sweet Sweat® first before showering.
  • For Best Results: Do not use Sweet Sweat® with any skin cream or lotion, as it creates a topical barrier that inhibits Sweet Sweat® results. Sweet Sweat® can also be used while swimming, and in dry r infrared Saunas. For optimal results, use with Sweet Sweat® brand Neoprene Trimmers.
  • Sweet Sweat® should be kept away from direct sunlight at all times. Do not leave in car as product may liquefy at warm temperatures. If melting occurs, place at room temperature or refrigerate until product becomes solid again. Use pre-wash stain remover on clothing when necessary.

Product Highlights

  • Targets “Slow to Respond” problem and injured areas.
  • Promotes an additional increase in circulation, sweating and motivation.
  • Accelerates warm-up and recovery
  • Fights muscle fatigue and painful injuries such as shin splints, pulls and strains.

Creates a fresh scent during your workout.


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