Steel Supplements 7,3-Andro Review

Steel Supplements has been busy expanding their legal Andro line. One of their newer additions, 7,3-Andro, promises to deliver lean muscle gains, with zero conversion to estrogen. In fact, Steel claims that 7,3-Andro can help to lower estrogen levels. It’s supposed to aid with muscle fatigue, speed up fat lose, and accelerate protein synthesis (how your body turns amino acids into muscle). The guys at Steel also claim that 7,3-Andro will only minimally suppress your natural testosterone levels. So, what the heck is 7,3-Andro?

Like the other products in their Andro series, 7,3-Andro converts into a usable form of DHEA in the body. In the case of 7,3-Andro, it converts into androsterone once it’s active in the body. Androsterone is a metabolite of testosterone or androstenedione. Compared to other sex hormones, androsterone displays weak androgenic properties. Sex hormones can have strong or weak anabolic or androgenic properties.

Anabolic refers to a compound’s muscle-building properties. Androgenic refers to a compound’s male sexual characteristic properties. Most side effects from hormones, such as anabolic steroids, come from the compound’s androgenic properties. In other words, the more androgenic a compound is, the more likely you will get side effects such as male pattern baldness, acne, and testosterone suppression. At the same time, most hormones that are effective at building muscle and burning fat tend to have higher androgenic, and anabolic properties.

Because 7,3-Andro displays weak androgenic properties, it also has weak anabolic properties. There is a reason why you don’t need to worry about negative side-effects with 7,3-Andro. It isn’t strong enough to cause many side effects, except for minimal testosterone suppression. The good news is that because it has weak androgenic properties, you don’t have to worry about gaining excess water weight, making 7,3-Andro a good choice for a cutting stack.

Like their other Andro products, 7,3-Andro uses liposomal technology to create a protective barrier around the 7,3-Andro molecule, and prevent the stomach acids from destroying the hormone precursor before it can reach the liver. Because of it’s weak anabolic and androgenic properties, it is recommended that 7,3-Andro be used as part of an Andro stack, and not by itself. You can use 7,3-Andro alone, however, the results will be minimal compared to other Andro products. Stacking 7,3-Andro will make it work better, and it will make the compound it’s stacked with work better as well.



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