Steel Supplements 3-EPI-Andro Review

3-EPI-Andro is the third product that Steel Supplements has recently added to their popular Andro line. Since 2014, consumers and supplement companies have been looking for products that can deliver the same or similar results as banned prohormones and pro-steroids. Steel released 3-EPI-Andro in hopes of giving consumers a product that can help build lean muscle but without the negative effects associated with prohormones or steroids. But, what is 3-EPI-Andro, and how is it supposed to work?

Like Steel’s other Andro products, 3-EPI-Andro is converted into a usable hormone in the body. 3-EPI-Andro is epiandrosterone, also called isoandrosterone. It is a metabolite of testosterone and DHT that was first isolated in 1931 by Kurt Tscherning and Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt. It was isolated from over 17,000 liters of male urine. Fortunately, epiandrosterone is no longer isolated from urine, so you don’t have to worry about drinking someone else’s pee.

Epiandrosterone is also found in pine pollen, hence it is considered a dietary supplement. If you have ever wondered why pine pollen is often included in natural testosterone boosters, now you know. Once inside the body, epiandrosterone is converted into the male sex hormone DHT. DHT helps to increase sex drive and build lean muscle, with no conversion to estrogen and no extra water retention.

Because epiandrosterone is not a very potent androgenic compound, it doesn’t require the same type of post cycle support you would need when using steroids or other prohormones. However, it is still advised that you take an over the counter test booster to get your levels back up once you are finished.

Epiandrosterone is good for both bulking and cutting. During a bulk, you will stay leaner. During a cutting cycle, you will lose fat faster, retain muscle mass, and you won’t have to worry about carrying extra water weight. Because it doesn’t increase water retention, some people have complained of joint pain during an epiandrosterone cycle.

3-EPI-Andro uses a protective liposomal barrier to prevent the acids of the stomach from destroying the compound. Also, like Steel’s other Andro products, 3-EPI-Andro works even better when stacked. If you want a boost in sex drive, while building lean muscle, then give 3-EPI-Andro a try.



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