Stars of the Olympia- Sharon Bruneau

Not all of the stars of the Olympia are champions- there have always existed fan favorites who had a special something that, while not useful for their given sport in terms of competition, makes them beloved to the fans.  One such bodybuilder was Sharon Bruneau (b. 1964)- a throwback to the 80s bodybuilding ideals in the 1990s.  Though she was never thought of as a real Olympia contended, this woman was still considered one of the best female bodybuilders from an aesthetic perspective by the turn of the millenium.


For lack of a better phrasing, Sharon Bruneau was bodybuilding’s bombshell of the magazines in the 90s.  Whenever sex and muscle collided, Sharon Bruneau was so be found.  With exotic features that clearly heavily influenced the artwork of Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld driving much of her sex appeal, Bruneau quickly realized that her role in bodybuilding was as its sexy, “normal” face rather than on the stage.


From the time she won her pro card in 1991 to 1998, Sharon Bruneau was one of Weider publications first ever signed female representatives.  She competed from 1991 through 1995, never placing higher than fourth.  After retiring from competition she continued fitness modelling and acting, most notably in the terrible-but-awesome scifi films Nemesis 2 and 3 with fellow female bodybuilders Debby Muggli and Sue Price.


Had she only been born fifteen years later, Sharon Bruneau would have been the absolute hottest thing the bodybuilding world had ever seen.  A likely shoo-in for the Ms. Physique Olympia, Bruneau would have ruled social media and would have more than likely ended up more heavily in film, but in the era during which she competed, that sort of thing wasn’t possible.  As such, it’s likely she’ll go down in history as the most famous female bodybuilder never to win the Olympia, alongside Trish Stratus and select few others.


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