Stars of the Olympia- Laura Creavalle

Too often, the females get passed over in bodybuilding to discuss the males, which leaves most of us as a loss at to who’s done what in women’s bodybuilding.  Though a fairly new and endlessly contentious sport, women’s bodybuilding exhibitions date back just as long as males, and some of the biggest draws of the early 20th Century for physique were women- women like Vulcana, Luisita Leers, and the Great Sandwina.  Thus, it only stands to reason we educate ourselves about the modern females of the sport, especially those who may have been passed over in discussions of the “best” that deal only in Olympia winners.


Laura Creavalle (b. 1959) might not have ever worn the Ms. Olympia crown, but she stands as one of the most prolific female bodybuilders of all time, having competed in twelve Ms. Olympias and five Ms. International competitions over a career that spanned two decades. She started training rather late in life, picking up the weights at the age of 23 after meeting a bodybuilder while on vacation in Jamaica.


Subsequent to winning her pro card in 1988, the Guyanese-born Canadian won the IFBB Carribean Championships in her pro debut two years later.  Over the next twelve years, Creavalle won the second-most prestigious female bodybuilding title, Ms. International three times and took second and third at the Olympia twice and three times, respectively.


Her body of work was massive, and Creavalle proved that her low-fat bodybuilder approach to cooking definitely contributed to her success, which she then turned into a lucrative career as a food prepping expert for bodybuilders and fitness-minded individuals.  After writing two cookbooks and co-authoring a nutrition and cookbook with her husband Chris Aceto, Creavalle has remained active in the fitness community by running a healthy meal prep company called Healthy Gourmet Express, which provides 10 weekly meals to clients.



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