Stars of the Olympia- Iris Kyle

Many of you might not know this, but the record number of consecutive Olympia wins is not eight, held by Ronnie Coleman- it’s 10, held by Iris Kyle.  With 17 total wins, she has more wins than any other female bodybuilder, and has more Ms. International titles than any other competitor.  For a decade and a half, Iris Kyle utterly dominated her sport with a back that rivalled Ronnie Coleman’s in terms of brutal muscularity.


At 5’7” and 165 pounds, Iris Kyle wasn’t necessarily a mass monster, but she was definitely on the cusp.  Like her contemporary Ronnie Coleman, she was big enough to stand next to the “massive” chicks and conditioned enough for direct comparisons with the most chiselled people onstage.  Though known for her back, she had no weak points- she was a collection of phenomenal bodyparts, attached to the single most muscular back ever seen in women’s bodybuilding.


She dominated women’s bodybuilding like she dominated the bench press (Kyle has benched 375 very easily on more than one occasion), and announced her retirement after her 2014 Olympia win.  The Ms. Olympia has been defunct since that time, so Kyle remains the reigning Ms. Olympia.  As her boyfriend is an Olympia 212 and Physique competitor and she remains in great shape, it is still a possibility she will make a return to the stage for next year’s 2020 Mrs. Olympia, which would put her even further in front of the elite of the elite Olympians in terms of Olympia dominance.



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