Stars of the Olympia- Cory Everson

When Cory Everson burst onto the bodybuilding scene, she immediately began turning heads.  Combining wholesome, corn-fed, Middle America good looks with height and weight few other women in the sport possessed, she looked every part of what the female Captain America should look like.


Often competing in a couples team with her husband Jeff, Everson quickly rose to the top of the women’s bodybuilding world.  Within three years, Cory and her husband had dominated the couples circuit and lower-level competitions, so she entered the NPC Nationals and took 2nd overall.  Encouraged by the response to a new presence on the pro-card qualification track, she made a few improvements and proceded to win every competition she entered until she retired.


After grabbing her pro card in 1984, Everson immediately entered the 1984 Ms. Olympia… and won in her rookie effort.  She went on to dominate the next five Olympias in a row, then retired the only Olympia contestant to never lose in the Olympia, male or female.  At the same time, she hosted and produced an ESPN show, Bodyshaping, and starred in the early morning ESPN workout show Cory Everson’s Gotta Sweat for seven years as well, making her by far and away the most recognizable non-Austrian Olympian in history.


By 1991, Everson found herself co-starring in the Jean-Cleaude Van Damme twinstravaganza Double Impact as a a bodyguard, then starred in Ballistic in 1995.  Thereafter, aside from bit parts and cameos in film and TV, Everson has mostly stayed out of the public eye.  She was still carrying enough muscle at age 50 to be cast as “Hulk Paige” on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and still carries enough visible muscularity to match former-Mr.-Olympia-turned-yogi Dorian Yates in a posedown as of 2019.




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