Reign Vs Raze Energy – Is there really a difference?

No better testing grounds for an energy drink trial than having to pack, load, drive, and unload all in a weeks’ time. Like its not stressful enough to pack all the crap from the last X amount of years in your apartment or house, but on top you have to deal with crazy weather, viruses, and nosy neighbors. Plus, a trip to the DMV or MVC is imminent for the address change.
So, stopping at your local 7-11, Wawa, and or whatever regional convenience store of your choosing it’s a simple decision to grab a 24oz coffee or a energy drink and just get chuggin’ for the day to come. This time around we chose to slam a few 16oz energy drinks not named BANG and see where it takes us.
Taste wise there is really no complaints to any of the flavors from any of the two drinks at hand. Reign seems to be slightly sweeter overall and a little smoother whereas Raze takes the flavors more to the extreme and gives you something different with some of them like Strawberry Colada and Voodoo.
Energy wise they both pack a nice punch with their 300mg of caffeine but Raze seems to offer more mood and feel good with that caffeine kick, but also has a slight comedown likely from the spike up of neurotransmitters like acetyl choline and dopamine. Its more fun for work and or going out, but not the best for a long drive where you want to be alert and awake, but not really peaked out mentally while surrounded by big rigs and low IQ drivers.
Reign offers a nice kick and a smooth ride through its energy curve and is closer to that classic Monster experience. It takes you to stimland but not really any further and you can either slam it or sip on it. Either way it offers an option for a long drive or a quick workout or boost for physical activity like loading a U-Haul.
Overall, Id say buy the one you like best and or what is on sale. That is one nice thing about these drinks is that in such a competitive market and with such a large market share held by the classic energy drinks its easy to find BOGO deals, or like 2 for $4. Even cases for heavy discounts from places like GNC, Vitamins Shoppe and Costco.


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