ProGlow – Lean Gains – Product Overview

ProGlow explores the sports nutrition and fitness supps path through the eyes of the dedicated female enthusiast. Those looking for lean gains and to put on and or maintain some muscle beyond the average gym goer would do well to add in Lean Gains as it offers the endurance, recovery, and reduction in soreness that anyone pushing the limit needs to survive a long week of workouts, workdays, and likely less than optimal sleep.
Flavor and serving size is geared more towards the LBM of a female athlete and they definitely offer up classic flavors that should cater to the pallet of your estrogen dominated partners in gainz. Their whole line is designed around lean and defined muscle and strength that most females are targeting and not the beast mode muscle of the IFBB pro circuit of female competitors.
Whether trying to get them follows on IG or other social media outlets or just wanting to look your best to impress around the workplace or social clubs, than ProGlow may be the company for you to express your desire for peak physical form and performance. Lean Gains can be also used as an intra-workout or all day amino drink if needed.
Price $44.99
• Fruit Punch

Supplement Facts
• Calories 5
• Total Carbohydrate 1 g <1%‡ • Sodium 40 mg 2%‡ • L-Leucine 1.639 g ** • L-Lysine HCL 707.85 mg ** • L-Valine 450 mg ** • L-Isoleucine 436.5 mg ** • L-Arginine 405 mg ** • L-Threonine 382.5 mg ** • L-Phenylalanine 274.5 mg ** • L-Methionine 135 mg ** • L-Histidine 67.5 mg ** • L-Tryptophan 2.7 mg ** Other Ingredients: • Citric acid, natural flavors (no MSG), malic acid, stevia leaf extract, sea salt, and paprika powder (for color). Suggested Use: • Dissolve one scoop (7 g) into 8-12 oz of room temperature water and consume once per day. between meals, or use as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Product Highlights • Geared towards Females • EAA Blend for Gains • Anti-Catabolic • Stay Strong • Sip all day long


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