Powerade Powers Up with New Ultra Edition

Rewind back in time growing up as a kid and there was basically Gatorade and or Powerade available before the big game. Some of us had to have our favorite flavor or color because it was a ritual and tied to good luck. If I had my Orange Gatorade, I was definitely going to have a good game. Back when times were simple and all you needed was electrolytes and sugar. Screw those oranges cut in quarters! Give me my drank.

Over the last decade things have changed a bit. These days it’s about vitamins, minerals, caffeine, aminos, and even protein in sports drinks. Energy drinks have taken over and some people just drink plain water (gross!) without realizing the options now entering the marketplace.

The idea of adding amino acids to hydration formulas or adding electrolytes to amino acids is the chicken or the egg mystery. Not sure which came first but we sure know they both taste good and are readily available everywhere. Most recently Powerade announced they will be launching an Ultra edition of their now “everywhere” hydration drink in which they add 50% more electrolytes, BCAAs, Creatine, and Vitamins B3, B6, and B12.

This puts them on par with the likes of BANG, Monster, and Rockstar who while more geared towards the energy drink side have embraced these addons as essentials over the last few years. No longer are these ingredients tied to the sliver of sports nutrition stores but now are going full tilt and showing up all over the mass market. Who’s to say if its good or bad, it’s probably not economical, but it sure is convenient for the customers who need these things quick.


  • Mixed Berry
  • White Cherry
  • Citrus Blast


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