Performa Goes BIG on its Shaker Game

For those of you who have been around the block a few times in the Sports Nutrition aisle you probably know a thing or two about shaker cups. The ever-growing trend of companies printing up those cheapo versions and or a customer scoring a legit trademarked shaker cup from a tradeshow or special deal weekend/holiday bundle is common place. Some of us live with our shaker cups as we travel to and from work, the gym, and or just general hydration swagger. Personally, I only own shaker cups and have zero real glassware in my kitchen.

While Blender Bottle had the monopoly on the shaker game slowly but surely a lot of new and innovative companies have come out with their take on what a shaker should and or could be. From different shake mechanisms to different designs and lids, etc.. Well, Performa has been one of those companies and they were innovative in their mixing mechanism, ala shake weight style Action Rod Technology and also paralleling the no rubber ring concepts(in the lid) to make a leakproof and shatterproof shaker.

Most recently and to get to the major point of the article is that they have had another pretty cool first in the industry and that was to make the largest commercial shaker available! A solid and modestly improved 48oz Chalice of Gainz beats out the 45oz Blender Bottle in the King Kong Shaker competition.

That’s 1.4 L of anabolic feed you can chew down throughout the day, and or load up with your favorite hydration drinks. Three of those bad bois and there is your gallon a day! You can also fill it up and do curls with it and tricep kickbacks for high reps at work or school. Get your pump on and flex those forearms from your wide grip shaker cup game. So, if you are here to go big, might as well go big in every department, including your gym shaker.


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