Nivadren High Potency Galantamine: Product Overview

Nivadren High Potency Galantamine

What is Nivadren™ ?

  • Nivadren is a high potency standardized extract of Galanthus Nivalis (aka the Snowdrop.) This is also known as a source of Galantamine in some circles of nootropic collectives.

How does Nivadren™ work?

  • Nivadren™ for the most part works with Galantamine as its active ingredients. Galantamine is a potent acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor which means its ability to protect the break of acetylcholine in the brain allows it to influence things like memory, focus, neuroprotection, etc..can be very effective based on available research.

Can you stack Nivadren™ with other Nootropics?

  • Actual some product specifically take advantage of that ability to maintain higher levels of acetaylcholine via Galantamine by combining it with other choline sources and nootropics that may increase the use of acetylcholine in the body and brain. Examples would be Alpha GPC, Noopept, CDP Choline, etc.. Nivadren High Potency Galantamine

Can Nivadren™ be used by itself?

  • Yes, some people use it solely as a means of increasing acetylcholine levels. There is a protocol some users suggest for increasing dreams states and lucid dreaming where you take it prior to bed, and or wake up in the middle of your sleep cycle and consume Galantamine to trigger a cholinergic jump and lucid dream cycle. While Nivadren does not suggest this for use, its quite possible to use it in place of generic Galantamine.

If Nivadren™ seems interesting to you do a search above for it and see what products we highlight that are currently using it in their regular and or limited runs of their products.Read more aboutNivadren High Potency Galantamine.


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