New Bang Flavor Green Apple Crisp

As the market for ready to drink energy drink items continues to expand and boom around the world, Bang energy drinks seem to have taken over the quintessential driver’s seat of this car. The brand has reformed into a sports energy drink and has started taking market share away from Monster Energy and the like at an extremely rapid rate. It is no secret that the energy drink market was suffering from stagnation and horribly over sugared drinks. Not to mention many of these drinks had some of the worst possible flavors around, literally terrible.

Thus, this left the door wide open for Bang Energy to take over with its unique flavoring profile and quality formulas. The first major move Bang did was reduce the sugar content to zero and then make the drinks themselves have nutritional purpose by adding in items such as SUPER CREATINE, essential amino acids CoQ10 and making the drinks both vegan and gluten free. However, this isn’t even where the brand shines, no, the flavors are what makes these products blast to the moon in the users mouth like a sweet green apple. Yes, that was a Segway into the new bang flavor known as Candy Apple Crisp.

The brand now has 20 some odd flavors of this popular drink and probably many more to come. The diversity on the flavors is what really sets apart these products as well. In case you wanted to review them, they are below:

• Bangster Berry
• Birthday Cake Bash
• Black Cherry Vanilla
• Blue Razz
• Candy Apple Crisp
• Champagne
• Cherry Blade Lemonade
• Citrus Twist
• Cotton Candy
• Frosé Rosé
• Lemon Drop
• Miami Cola
• Peach Mango
• Pina Colada
• Power Punch
• Purple Guava Pear
• Purple Haze
• Rainbow Unicorn
• Root Beer Blaze
• Sour Heads
• Star Blast

As you can tell Bang holds nothing back on its flavoring and we can assume that this will continue into the future as the brand continues to evolve and make more and more of these types of drinks.


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