Myoblox Bringing Back the XO Limited Runs

If you are familiar with Myoblox and their constant refining and limited runs within their line up of products than you probably won’t be surprised to hear that they will be running it back with the XO limited Edition series.

The first run in early 2018 had the likes of Loco (stim preworkout) in special limited runs and offered up a nice change of pace and new flavoring to the product. For those looking for pump, energy, and focus on the next level in conjunction with stellar packaging then you will want to get on their mailing list for that small window of opportunity to nab 1 of the 500 tubs being produced in the 2020 rendition of the next step in XO, Myoblox Skywalk.

Some of the changes in the Skywalk XO blend will be the use of Kanna in the formula. This is a really cool herb that stimulates over 70 different pathways in the body and brain. Giving people everything from enhanced mood and energy to the nootropic laser focus everyone is craving these days. There will still be 200mg of caffeine per scoop as well as the Cat’s Claw at 500mg that we have seen added recently.

They will also be doing a special run of Blo , Myoblox’s stim free preworkout which will star an enhanced formulation with ingredients like S7, Pine Bark, and 8g of Citrulline for the mega pumps. There will also be Betaine Anhydrous at 6g ( that’s a lot of betaine!) and L-Ornithine at 2g. So the pump should definitely be real….real good with this cherry.

So, if any of this seems interesting than you better get on it quick, because 500 tubs means this won’t last past a day MAX once released.



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