MuscleTech Vitaligenix T10 – Product Review

MuscleTech Vitaligenix T10: If you have been around the supplement game for longer than a week than you have probably heard of the MuscleTech brand. They have been a staple brand in the retail scene for decades now, and often are awarded top brand or products spots in many of those retailer’s yearly contest and expos. They also are massive sponsors of bodybuilding and fitness events like the Arnold Sports Festival and the Olympia

MuscleTech very often sponsored and or funded research for ingredients that had some relevance in the sports nutrition and performance categories. Partnerships with universities and sports teams also improved their image and reputation even with some of their product in the premium price points and or selling at retail establishments that at the time were thought to be overpriced compared to the then thriving internet market. The story doesn’t end there as to this day MuscleTech is still a growing brand and on a large scale internationally distributed on 6 continents.

MuscleTech Vitaligenix T10 drops of whammy of a T-booster both in ingredient profile and price point with Vitaligenix T10. This is a once a day 10hr hormone support formula containing active ingredients that utilize your bodies own natural T- production and estrogen metabolism versus ingredients like prohormones or sarms.

The Instatest matrix listed shows off top ingredients like Fenugreek, Maca, Boron Citrate, while support ingredients like Broccoli (DIM) and Olive Leaf, and Zinc, provide essential nutrients and or balancing mechanism to counter any sides related to increase test levels.

Users should see benefits to either bulking (lean or dirty) or cutting with gains in strength and a good boost in libido. This is definitely not for the noob gym goer, but for those who want to take natural bodybuilding and T-boosting to its higher gears. This may offer up a nice PCT type benefit as well for those who still feel like they are lagging behind from any PED style stack.

MuscleTech Vitaligenix T10 Price $169.99

Supplement Facts

Serving Size  3 Liquid Capsule(s)

Servings Per Container  60

  • Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate) 5 mg                   50%

InstaTest Matrix               1015 mg                              

  • Fenugreek extract (as Trigonellafoenum-graecum) (seed) Standardized for 80% apigenin flavanone glycosides 300 mg
  • Maca extract (as Lepidium meyenii) (root) 300 mg
  • Tribulus extract (as Tribulus terrestris) (fruit) Supplying 45% saponins 125 mg
  • Boron citrate Supplying 5% boron 100 mg
  • Broccoli (as Brassica oleracea) (whole plant) Supplying diindolylmethane 70 mg
  • Olive extract (as Olea europaea) (leaf) Supplying oleuropein 70 mg
  • Safed musli extract (as Chlorophytumborivilianum) (root) Supplying saponins

Other Ingredients

  • Sesame Oil, Capsule (Gelatin, FD&C Red No. 40), candelilla wax

Suggested Use

  • For 10-hour testosterone boost : Take 2 servings (6 capsules) once daily. or general testosterone support: Take 1 serving (3 capsules) twice daily. Do not exceed servings (6 capsules) in a 24-hour period. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided.

Product Highlights

  • Boosts Testosteron with the First Dose*
  • Scientifically Studied 33.8% Increase in Bioavailable Testosterone*
  • Engineered with Maca Extract, Tribulus Terrestris& Brassica Oleracea


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