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MuscleTech Brand Intro: If you have been around the supplement game for longer than a week than you have probably heard of the MuscleTech brand. They have been a staple brand in the retail scene for decades now, and often are awarded top brand or products spots in many of those retailers yearly contest and expos. They also are massive sponsors of bodybuilding and fitness events like the Arnold Sports Festival and the Olympia.

Founded in 1995 as a mail order company they quickly grew into the retail world with the likes of GNC and Vitamin Shoppe with their trio of Cell-Tech, Nitro-tech, and Hydroxycut. Then the still legal and thermogenic kingpin, Ephedra was all the rage, and it was the analogious Coke vs Pepsi style war of Xenadrine and Hydroxcut that potentially created what was to this day some of the largest quantities of sales in the category of Thermogenics. With the unfortunately ban of Ephedra Xenadrine fell from grace, but the HydroxyCut brand managed to survive the siege with a number of non-stim and non-ephedra off shoots.

MuscleTech Brand Intro giant investment into magazine ads and ownership allowed them to survive the culling and create a large supply of new customers ready and eager to jump into the Pro’s workouts and dive into the summarized research in the mutli page ads and suggestions from sponsored athletes.

Holdings from Hydroxycut were bought by Iovate Health Sciences in the mid 2000’s after the ephedra controversy and lawsuit, and the MuscleTech line up took on its own personality with a new generation of CellTech, NitroTech, and preworks from NanoVapor all the way to T-boosters and muscle builders.

MuscleTech very often sponsored and or funded research for ingredients that had some relevance in the sports nutrition and performance categories. Partnerships with universities and sports teams also improved their image and reputation even with some of their product in the premium price points and or selling at retail establishments that at the time were though to be overpriced compared to the then thriving internet market.

The story doesn’t end there as to this day MuscleTech is still a growing brand and on a large scale internationally distributed on 6 continents. In another article we will cover the more modern era of MuscleTech and Iovate, but feel free to use our search function here at to take a look at the current line up of MuscleTech reviews, overviews, and news.

MuscleTech Brand Intro


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