Muscle Metabolix Dexe BRN-XR Staff Review

Can you get ripped using Dexe BRN-XR?

A couple of guys on the staff have been trying to lose some weight to get ready for some upcoming beach time. So, we all decided that we would give Dexe BRN-XR from Muscle Metabolix a try. Alan and Jeff have used Dexe BRN-XR for a month, while the rest of us tried it out to see if we could get a much needed burst of energy (how do you think we are able to write all these articles, day in and day out).

For the price, Dexe BRN-XR was a steal. You get 90 servings (45 days worth) for a little over $45, which for today’s standards is a great price. We placed an order for Dexe BRN-XR on a Tuesday, and got it in the mail on Thursday. This was our first experience with Muscle Metabolix, and we were impressed with how quick we got our stuff. Also, the customer service was amazing. We contacted them to let them know we had received their package, and we received an immediate reply. Now, on to our results.

Everyone agreed that Dexe BRN-XR gave us some much-needed energy. I alone felt it for at least four hours, with Alan and Jeff claiming that it had them wired all day. This increase in energy was especially impressive since Alan is our resident stim-junkie. I only took one dose since I was planning on using my pre-workout before I hit the gym later in the day, and I wasn’t trying to lose weight like Alan and Jeff. I noticed that my concentration was increased, and that I got a ton of stuff done early that day.

Alan and Jeff also liked the energy, but they were trying Dexe BRN-XR for a different reason. They were trying to lose some unwanted body fat. So, how did it do?

Alan and Jeff were blown away. They both agreed that Dexe BRN-XR was one of the top 5 fat burners they have used, which is saying a lot. They both dropped an average of 7.5 pounds during the first two weeks, with the weight loss slowing down to 3 pounds over the last two weeks of their trial run. So, over a four week period, Alan and Jeff lost an average of 10 pounds.

Before you go and proclaim Dexe BRN-XR to be the best thing since OxyELITE, a word of caution. Jeff and Alan know how to diet, and were doing everything right while using Dexe BRN-XR. You know, exercising and cutting back on carbohydrates. However, they both felt that they lost more weight in that short amount of time by combining their eating and training habits with Dexe BRN-XR.

Judging by the formula, it appears that Alpha Yohimbe is the primary player in the Dexe BRN-XR fat loss game. Yes, we don’t know how much Alpha Yohimbe they use in their formula, but it was enough that both Alan and Jeff lost over an inch from their stomach areas. Dexe BRN-XR is a legit fat burner, and made our top 5 weight loss supplement list. However, to experience the same results that we did, you need to make sure your eating healthier, and are hitting the gym 4-5 times a week.





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