Makers of NO3-T hint at New Super Stim Before the New Year?

NO3-T: Over the last few months as the Industry Tradeshows and Fitness Events have taken place, behind the scenes among the Fitness News Outlets there has been talk about a sampling of a new stimulant compound from Thermolife that is going to be made available soon.

Thermolife, lead by Ron Kramer, is responsible for almost all the nitrate compounds on the market (NO3-T) and has worked with companies like Cellucor, Ghost Lifestyle, FSU, RYSE and spreads its catalog of ingredients from Creatine Nitrate to Citrulline Nitrate to satisfy almost any formulation needed.

The newest of new NO3-T though has been hinted as a new stimulant compound that will be made available in the near future. This will be a trademarked and patented ingredient which will likely see GRAS approval down the line. Thermolife’s history of legally leveling companies who release sketchy or grey area compounds, and make claims that don’t stand up to the scrutiny of the current GRAS, FDA, and cGMP standards can attest to that forecast.

The initial feedback on NO3-T compound is that it can be used by itself or stacked with other stims for a new and refreshing experience. It has a solid balance of both physical and mental energy and seems to have a low effective dose, making it sound like a great product to stack. With ingredients like Theacrine being awesome, but having an extremely long half-life, it could be a great option if its own half life is in that nice 4-6hr zone, and not 8-12hr range.

Users who have taken larger doses have reported no overstimulation, and those who have taken it with other preworkout ingredients suggest an enhanced experience over their usual gym strut and or beta alanine tingle psychosis.

So, overall it sounds like we have a new king of stim on the way, and the fact that Thermolife has been cleaning up the raw materials side of the industry for a while, its likely that it’ll be safe and effective. Good news for all you stim junkies out there, and bad news for all the companies still slanging that DMHA and or 13DMAA alternatives. NO3-T


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