Ladder – Whey Protein – Product Overview

Ladder – Whey Protein: Whey Protein from Ladder provides and low calorie MRP type formula which is also fortified with probiotics and extra vitamins and minerals. This is the brainchild brand of LeBron James and business partner Arnold Schwarzenegger and they make quite a formidable force combining professional athlete extraordinaire with fitness god. They also have garnered the supports of ladies like Cindy Crawford and Lindsey Vonn…

Being NSF Certified for Sports the brand into top tier for its ability to be used by professional athletes and even collegiate athletes looking for the edge without the risk of a failed drug test. While the formulations of the other product like Preworkout and Superfood SuperGreens aren’t groundbreaking they offer a solid foundation to athletes, especially those who haven’t been using any supplements out of fear of being tainted d by the likes of SARMS, etc.. ( I see you Jon Jones….)

The brand is a sports brand more than a bodybuilding brand so don’t look to deeply into them as mass builders or strength boosters, while preworkout is solid it may leave a little wanting in areas like pump and or recovery.

Their protein here though is clean and well though out, but a little pricey per serving, but again you get the guaranteed feeling of safety in their stringent 3rd party testing via NSF.

Ladder – Whey Protein Price $75.00


  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate

Ladder – Whey Protein Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 packet – 35.9g

Servings per Container 30

  • Calories 130
  • Calories from Sat Fat 10
  • Total Fat 1g
  • Saturated Fat .5g
  • Total Carbohydrates 6g
  • Dietary Fiber 2g
  • Added Sugar 3g
  • Protein 26g
  • Vitamin A(retinyl palmitate) 140mcg
  • Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) 15.5mg
  • Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) 5.4mg
  • Vitamin K-1 5mcg
  • Niacin (as niacinamide) 2mg
  • Folate 55mcg DFE
  • Pantothenic Acid Acid 1mg
  • Calcium 575mg
  • Phosphorus 370mg
  • Iodine (as potassium iodide) 34mcg
  • Magnesium 87mg
  • Zinc (as zinc oxide) 3.9mg
  • Selenium 4mcg
  • Chromium 10mcg
  • Molybdenum 14mcg
  • Chloride 242mg
  • Iron 2g
  • Sodium 230mg
  • Potassium 310mg
  • Whey Protein Isolate 5g
  • Milk Protein Isolate 24.8g
  • Probiotic Blend 24mg

(Bacillus Coagulans (LBSC), Bifidobacterium animalis subso lactis(BS01), Lactobacilus rhamnosus (LR06), Bifidobacterium bifidum (BB01), Bifidobacterium longum (BL03), Lactobacilus Acidophilus (LA02), Lactobacilus casei (LC03), Streptococcus thermophilus (Y08)

Other Ingredients:

  • Cocoa, cane sugar, natural flavors, salt, magnesium sulfate, high purity stevoil glycosides, monk fruit extract, silica, and thickener blend (guar gum, xanthum gum, and carrageenan)

Suggested Use:

  • We recommend mixing 1-2 packets of protein with 8-12 ounces of water, milk, or your favorite beverage.

Ladder – Whey Protein Product Highlights

  • 26g of Protein
  • 14g of essential amino acids
  • 7g of BCAAs
  • 2bil CFU of Probiotics


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