Ladder Supplements – Brand Introduction

So, what would happen if the world’s top Sports and Fitness Icons clashed and decided to make some supplements? Well, Ladder is what would happen! This is a brand that started with LeBron James after a disaster experience with muscle cramps during his 2014 NBA Finals run. He decided after that he wanted to change up his nutrition and training and make sure to never fall flat on his performance again, especially in the biggest games of the year.

He teamed up with trainer Mike Mancias and began a new training and nutrition protocol that would lay the groundwork for what would become Ladders first few products. Now, no surprise that at the same time Arnold Schwarzenegger was calling for a legitimate supplement brand with a clean and professional sports certified quality. The two managed to team up and create ladder (and no doubt invest in it all….) They were on their way to a four year development of the brand you see today.

So, aside from the fact some of the biggest athletes and icons in the world backing the brand they have come true on their word with products designed for optimal performance and that are NSF Certified for Sports. This means they go through a rigorous analytical testing process that guarantees no banned substances that could cost athletes games, money, and or even careers (look at MMA.)

Currently, there are 4 products available from Ladder.

  • Preworkout
  • Superfood Greens
  • Plant Based Protein
  • Whey Protein

Each come in both packets and larger bulk powder options. Be warned these products are priced pretty high without a subscription plan, but hey if its good enough for LeBron than well….dig into those pockets…amirite?? Also, I am sure Arnold used these as the foundation to his massive physique in the 80’s and 90’s…. Honestly, though if you are a high level athlete stick to certifiable clean brands and don’t risk it. Ladder is doing a good thing getting the word out that priority testing on products is essential to professional athletes and a successful launch of a brand.


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