Killer Labz Brute NRG Overview

Killer Labz Brute NRG – Killer Labz Combines BCAA and Energy for Brute NRG Release

The newest product on the horizon for Killer Labz is an upgraded version of their Brute BCAA product. Brute BCAA by itself is a unique product as it combines the anabolic stimulus of your favorite aminos with the potential anabolic boost from the ingredients Epicatechin and 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin. These two ingredients assist different processes in the muscle building process. From myostatin inhibition to stimulating androgen receptors to increase protein synthesis.

It would be wise to use regular Brute BCAA and not Brute NRG with either of their stim based preworkouts (Destroyer and Stim Reaper.) This NRG option would be best for outside the workout window or on off days when you want both the energy boost and the anabolic assistance in recovery and muscle growth.


Product Highlights:

Price – TBA

Serving Size – 7.7g

Servings Per Container – 30g

Extreme Anabolic BCAA – 6200mg

BCAA-Recovery Complex

  • Micronized L-Leucine, Micronized L-Isoleucine, Micronized  L-Valine
  • L-Taurine
  • L-Alanine
  • L-Glutamine

Anabolic – Protein Synthesis Complex

  • (-)-Epicatechin
  • 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin

Absorption Enhancement

  • Black Pepper Extract (95%)

NRG Blend – 150mg

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • TeaCrine™


  • Sour Gummy Worms
  • Rest in Peach

Is seems like Brute NRG is supposed compete in the same supplement category as Amino Energy. Brute NRG is like Amino Energy in that it has more caffeine than a standard cup of coffee, but less caffeine than what you would find in a high-stimulant pre-workout formula.

And even though Brute NRG may not have 400mg of caffeine like all those high-dosed pre-workouts out there, is still has a nice dose of caffeine. 150mg of caffeine is still a decent dose. Like we mentioned above, it has more caffeine than your standard cup of coffee. Last time we checked, most cups of coffee have around 70-80mg of caffeine. So, if you don’t like drinking coffee because of the taste, you can substitute your morning cup of Joe with a scoop of Brute NRG.

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