KetoLogic KetoBHB Overview

KetoLogic Ups the Choices on KetoLogic KetoBHB Flavors

For all you keto crazy kids out there, Ketologic is out there flexing its product line, and making sure to provide a spread of keto friendly products to ensure you can keep on keto’n your butt off. Mostly, they have been offering their fruit and citrus themed flavors, but recently dipped its toes into the chocolate and vanilla realm with the single ingredient KetoLogic KetoBHB. Now you can add it to your protein blends, MRPs, or maybe even make some keto ice cream at home. For the more advanced users you can even use these in conjunction with carbs to get the supercharged pre or intraworkout fuel sources for extreme workouts.

For those who are not aware, goBHB is basically a precursor to ketones for the body. The body can readily convert these over to ketones whether you are in ketosis already or not. They work best if you are already in ketosis or keto adapted (having achieved ketosis prior). They do however also work for the initial week or two of getting into ketosis by helping to avoid some of the brain fog and sleep issues that some people experience.

KetoLogic KetoBHB also sells some keto crisp type products for those who need that crunch fix and more conventional keto MRP type products.

KetoLogic KetoBHB Product Highlights

Price – $59.99

Serving Size – 1 scoop (7g)

Serving Per Container – 30

  • goBHB – 6g
  • Calcium (from BHB salts) – 260mg
  • Magnesium (from BHB salts) – 75mg
  • Sodium (from BHB salts) – 200mg


  • Apple-Pear
  • Orange-Mango
  • Patriot Pop
  • Grape
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla


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