JYM Supplement Sciences – Brand Intro

JYM Supplement Sciences is best known by its founder and lead researcher, Dr. Jim Stoppani, PhD. JYM started as a strategic partnership with Bodybuilding.com as an exclusive brand for the site. The unique blend of being one of the first exclusive online brands with the backing of a Doctorate PhD in Exercise Physiology made JYM Supplement Sciences like PreJYM an instant success.  They can be credited with massive doses of L-Citrulline and pushing the caffeine content of the post-1,3-DMAA preworkout market to a new threshold in the early to mid 2010’s.

Stopanni also fueled his accelerated brand growth with a rich history of articles, social media, and youtube content allowing for a dedicated and loyal following ready to jump at any of his opinions and commands. This plus the largest fitness forums on the net at Bodybuilding.com forwarded his brands dedicated message of purity, potency, and no scam ingredients.

JYM can also be credited with providing one of the first full disclosure ingredients profiles with the PreJYM product. This was launched at a time where super secret proprietary blends were protecting the likely fraudulent (and in some cases proven) contents of the concentrated preworkout category. Synethetic ingredients, illegal drugs, and pro-hormones were just some of the issues stalking the industry at that time.


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