Jeremy Buendia Online Coaching Business

As many individuals know Jeremy Buendia has been in the media recently regarding the allegations made against him but this article will not be covering this topic.  We will be looking at Jeremy Buendia as a businessman and a competitive and influential individual in the world of body building and physique competition.  Jeremy, who has previously won the Mr. Olympia Physique title in 2014, ‘15, ‘16 and ’17, has a pretty strong record of success in the industry.  Upon having this success Jeremy has created a pretty impressive business model and platform by which to help individuals prepare for these events.

Jeremy Buendia provides a coaching platform this is a one on one coaching experience that is designed ultimately to help an individual stay motivated and driven toward their goals.  This comes with a personalized training program that is specific to the goals whether they are trying to get on stage to compete or to just look better naked.  This program is built of the principles that made Jeremy successful, where he realized the importance of a stable support system with a strict routine to stick with, taking the guess work out of the daily grind.  Having a program that charts out your progress and provides a blue print is half of the battle in reaching these mile stones.  The other half is having a coach in your corner to have your back day in and day out to make sure you are reaching these goals and to recalibrate your program as you go along.

Jeremy Buendia also provides a great deal of information in the 8 ebooks currently available on his website.  These ebooks cover a variety of topics and look to be a great source of information.  Jeremy also have a VIP section where you can get even more access to things like member discussion boards and behind the scene access.  Other items include things like a macro generator and fitness resources such as a BMR, BMI, RMR and calorie calculators.

With all of the negativity surrounding the 4-time champion and nobody covering the actual good inside of his personal brand we thought we should shed a little light on it.  It looks like Jeremy and his team have built a very interesting and successful business model of the impressive and hard work that he has put forth both on the stage and off in the weight room.


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