Is EHP OxyShred Better Than OxyELITE Pro?

Does OxyShred, EHP’s version of OxyELITE Pro give you the same results as the original?

Do you remember the original OxyELITE Pro? You know, one of the bestselling fat burners of all-time? It was so popular, that it got banned by the FDA. Ultimately, the US Government shut down USPlabs because of how effective the original OxyELITE Pro was. So, when we heard that there was a supplement with a similar name claiming to be the #1 Thermogenic Fat Burner in the world, you know we had to try it.

For the review, we enlisted the help of Alan and Jeff. Both are trying to lose weight. I got in on the action because I remember the original OxyELITE Pro, and I know what to expect from a legit bestselling thermogenic fat burner.


One of the big differences from OxyELITE Pro and OxyShred is that OxyELITE Pro was primarily a pill, while OxyShred is a powder. For the review, we went with the Kiwi Strawberry flavor. We followed the directions, and took two servings a day. One scoop first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and the second serving 20-30 minutes before our workouts. After two weeks of use, we took notice of our changes.


We got a small burst in energy, but it was nothing compared to what the original OxyELITE Pro was known for. Also, the energy didn’t last as long as OxyELITE Pro. We did like that it didn’t get us jittery, but that was probably because of the lower dose of caffeine combined with the L-theanine. It would have been nice to know how much caffeine we were getting per serving, but the guys at EHP Labs like to use proprietary blends. But, what about the fat loss results?


Most people like fat burners that give them a burst of energy. But, the main reason that you use a fat burner is to increase your metabolism, and to lose weight. I tend to stay lean year round, so I’m not the best judge if whether a supplement can help you to lose weight.


Alan and Jeff both used OxyShred for two weeks. They might have lost a pound during the entire time they used OxyShred, but that could have also been because they adjusted their diets, and started training more for fat loss, and less for gaining muscle.


Overall, we think that OxyShred is a good beginners weight loss product. However, it is nowhere on the same live as the original OxyELITE Pro. Unfortunately, the original OxyELITE Pro is gone for good. But, if you want something that hits as hard, there are a few brands out there that have some comparable products. Check back soon for our top 10 fat loss products of the Summer of 2019.


Rankings (1-5, 1 is the lowest and five is the highest)

  • Energy – 3
  • Focus – 3
  • Fat Loss – 3
  • Amount of Ingredients – 3


Total score – 3 (12 out of 20)

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