Iron 101 – Food and Supps not the Weights

So, it would be great if we simply just gnawed on some 45lb plates and got a preworkout strength boost, but that is not the case with this double agent mineral called Iron. Iron is essential at helping the body carry oxygen around and feeding our organs and oh so important muscle tissue. It helps keep your gut healthy, microbiome happy, and essential in a lot of different chemical processes in the body. The problem though is that its not a very cool supplement for those who are naturally topped off on their iron levels.
If you are deficient in Iron it can cause something called Anemia and that is basically a lack of oxygen distribution in the body. Everyone knows the pale frail white girl in school who was always tired looking… she could use a steak or two for sure. The problem with some vegan and vegetarian diets is that plant-based iron is less bioavailable and could lead to an iron deficiency if not accounted for. Things like fatigue, irritability, poor concentration ,etc.. are part of a lack of iron in the diet/body.
Now some foods like Impossible Burger and such have found a way to make meat-like iron, but it comes at the cost of a highly genetically modified form of soy and while it got a GRAS stamp as fit for human consumption its on the company and not the FDA to ensure its safety on the marketplace. There is definitely some skepticism and likely is the best source of vegan iron all day every day.
So, if you are tired all the time and feel like crap maybe its time to get some bloodwork done and or stop drinking BANG energy all day while sleeping 4 hours a night. Iron is extremely important much like actually going to the gym and lifting for your gains. Make sure to eat some meat if you are willing and don’t supplement with Iron unless you are shown to need it. There is no benefit to taking more iron and you should get it all from food if at all possible. The Men’s RDA for a healthy adult is 8mg and 18mg for Healthy non-preggers adult women.
Food Sources of Iron
(Animal Sources are best absorbed)
• Red Meat
• Turkey
• Legumes
• Quinoa
• Spinach
• Broccoli
• Dark Chocolate
• Fish


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