ioPEA Protein – The New Challenger for Whey Protein?

ioPEA Protein: We have here ladies and gentlemen a potential showdown coming in 2020. Standing the test of time and the undisputed champion of protein synthesis we all know is Whey Protein. The cow mamas refined milk in all its powder essential amino acid glory….

Recently a new kid on the block has been mouthin’ off like James “Clubber” Lang in Rocky III that it may be not only equal, but better than the champ when it comes to bio-availability and EAA absorption. Now, its less likely to catch Whey on a bad day like when Mickey had a hear attack and Rocky still had to fight, but it’s possible with a lil performance enhancing technology pea protein could play catch up and drop a haymaker.

ioPEA Protein claims that by optimizing the molecular structure of its pea protein it offers the upgrade of superior absorption to the current champion of post workout optimization. Now, some people are dairy intolerant, and this is great news for them from the get go, but I am sensing a bit of an uphill battle for those who are one with the Way of the Whey.

Can’t help but wonder if this was somehow tied to the ioPEA Protein ioWhey that poofed from the market? Supposedly its 20g serving was equivalent to a much higher dose. Though not sure anyone quite bought on to it, even if it was truth.

As prices of Whey tend to fluctuate it certainly would be a nice to have an option that could be more economical and offer the same gains. Also, with the more conscientious consumer and the plant-based trend its likely something like ioPea will be sticking around if it falls in the right price point and can be flavored and textured to be as smooth as whey.


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